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Idaho v. Lori Vallow Daybell - Day 1

Episode Summary

Lori Vallow Daybell’s high-profile murder trial is underway in Boise, Idaho. The so-called ‘Doomsday Cult Mom’ faces life in prison if convicted of murdering her two children and conspiring to kill her fifth husband’s previous wife. In the opening statements, the prosecution presented a detailed timeline of events leading up to the disappearance of Lori's children, JJ and Tylee, including the discovery of their remains on her husband Chad Daybell’s property in rural Idaho. Lori, who pleaded not guilty to the six charges, had an alibi during the murders, which her public defender leaned in on during his opening statements. He spoke to her religious beliefs in life and death, and her particular interest in the end of times. He describes her as a kind, loving mother whose beliefs began to “morph and change” when she met the self-proclaimed prophet and author, Chad Daybell. Daily courtroom audio recordings will be made available after the court releases them to Court TV.

Episode Notes

The trial of Lori Vallow Daybell is expected to last 10 weeks. It’s being held at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho. On Day 1, the Hon. Judge Steven Boyce read some procedural instructions, then the opening statements began on April 10, 2023. Lindsey Blake, the prosecuting attorney for Fremont County, delivers the opening statements on behalf of the state. The public defender for Lori Vallow, Jim Archibald, delivers the opening statements for the defense.

The first witness in the trial is Kay Woodcock, a former sister in law of Lori Vallow-Daybell and JJ’s biological grandmother. Following her testimony, Brandon Boudreaux, the ex-husband of Lori’s close niece Melanie, takes the stand.

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